Partnership registration/transfer

g.b.g.b                                            £26.00

i.c.c.                                               £18.00

                                         Total     £44.00

One owner Registration/transfer fee

g.b.g.b                                             £26.00

i c c                                                 £13.00

                                            Total   £39.00

    Vaccination fee                               £19.00

    Name change                                 £81.00

New syndicate/Registration       

g.b.g.b                                            £26.00

i.c.c.                                               £13.00

i.c.c.syndicate registration              £25.00

                                           Total    £64.00


Jenson Kennel fees for graded Greyhounds  

There will be no charge for a greyhound that is graded on. (Kennel keeps run money)

Dogs not graded ,Resting or recovering from injury will be charged £3 per day ( with the exception of dogs waiting for a place in the r.g.t.

this will be a set charge of £15 per week and the homing fee is £100 this is the standard charge of the r.g.t when a place become available (paid by owner or syndicate) Any Veterinary bills will be paid by owner or syndicate.

Graded opens

In the case of your greyhound being in an open graded race and winning, the kennel will only deduct the prize money for the grade the rest will be paid to the owner or owners

example the prize money for the graded open is £500 and the race is an A5 the kennel will take £96

which is what the kennel would have received had it been a normal A5 graded race In such cases where the run money is on top of the  prize money then the owner,owners get the full £500.

New owners

New owners That have not owned a greyhound before will be required to fill in a registration form and supply  two forms of identification i.e. utility bills, or photo copies of passport or driving licence. The registration process will take 4 to 10 days and then the greyhound can begin to trial ( see Trial information )

Please note Jenson Racing Kennels will require Registration/vaccination and one months kennel      fees in advance  before a greyhound is placed in the kennels